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Swedish Massage

"Really appreciated such an excellent level of awareness of my body and sensitivity to the amount of pressure used. The feet and head massage were particularly amazing. I feel so good and relaxed"

Well Being Massage Therapies, London

"So relaxing! And Gabrielle is so warm and pleasant."

"Extraordinary touch! I feel pampered and relaxed."

Swedish massage, or Holistic Massage (which includes the face and head), is a full body treatment which manipulates the soft tissues of the body for therapeutic purposes. Movements are slow and lighter in pressure than the deep tissue massage. This treatment is deeply relaxing and significantly reduces stress and tension. It is a good introductory massage for clients unfamiliar with massage therapy. As with all massage therapies, it assists the blood circulation and lymphatic flow throughout the body, removing waste and toxins, whilst delivering vital nutrients and oxygen to the cells.

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