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Hot Bamboo Massage

"The hot bamboo was amazing. I felt significant relief as well as a deep relaxation which lasted for a days afterwards."

Hot Bamboo Massage tratment, by Well Being Massage Therapies, London

"Gabrielle used a delicious combination of hot stones and hot bamboo, which was extraordinary. The heat treatment penetrated some long-standing tension which helped my mobility massively."

Thermotherapy (the use of heat application) with traditional massage strokes, creates a profound, relaxing and healing treatment.

The application of hot bamboo can reduce localised pain, muscle spasm and muscle stiffness whilst increasing vasodilation (local inflammation response). The heat from the bamboo enables the massage therapist to work into the deeper muscle layers, providing relief and rejuvenation to tired muscles.

Bamboo also has universal healing qualities and has been used in massage treatments for centuries.

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