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Natural Facial Lift Massage

"Wow! I can't stop looking in the mirror.

That is incredible. I want it every week!"

"I can't believe it. My skin looks amazing."​


Natural Facial Lift Massage by Well Being Massage Therapies, London

"Amazing. After only a short treatment, my face literally glowed with a vigour I hadn't seen for years."

"That was the most relaxing thing ever. And instant results. I'm astounded."

With roots in acupressure and facial reflexology, The Natural Facial Lift Massage incorporates highly effective techniques from Japanese and Indian Face Massage, which have been practised and developed over centuries. This non-surgical facial lift massage, instantly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, relieving stresses and traumas held deeply within the skin, muscles and energy of the face, neck and shoulders. For this reason, the treatment has grown in popularity amongst celebrities, before special events and as a natural alternative to Botox or fillers.

This specifically designed treatment uses a combination of profoundly relaxing and invigorating techniques, which immediately improve the complexion, blood circulation and lymphatic flow. This removes toxins from the face and head, preventing and reducing wrinkles and age spots. Through face-mapping and re-programming of muscle memory, the facial tissues are replenished and regenerated - all whilst re-balancing the vital life force (Ki), which helps to improve overall health and wellbeing.

Unlike surgery or other invasive procedures, which can be risky with potential side-effects and significant healing periods, The Natural Facial Lift Massage helps to repair and rejuvenate, providing instantly visible results. True beauty emanates when a person glows with the harmony of a good physical, psychological and spiritual health. The intention behind the Natural Facial Lift Massage is to holistically enhance natural, true health and beauty and to provide a profoundly relaxing and restorative experience.

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