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Bespoke Online Tutorials

"I had an hour's private online face massage session with Gabrielle. I wasn't sure how it would work but she led me straight into a series of easy-to-follow movements. All I had to do was mirror her actions. It was all very well instructed, like an exercise class for my face, but it was also really relaxing! Afterwards I really felt (and could see) an immediate benefit. My mature skin - I'm 75 - was toned, lifted, invigorated and deeply moisturised. It is wonderful that I can do this regularly online with her, conveniently at home - either before I put on make-up in the morning or just before I go to bed. I love it!"

Image by Mish Vizesi

"My face feels all plump this morning. Amazing! Thank you so much."

"Three of us did a group zoom face lift with Gaby. It was SO good. We followed steps while watching her demonstrate and she explains everything really clearly. My face felt lovely as we did it and then... I looked fresh, smooth and glowing, the next morning!! Highly recommend." 

"My face feels lifted and my lips look different... I really loved it.. Want to do it again!" 

Interactive Natural Face-Lift Massage via Zoom or Skype

*Contributions starting from £10 pp for group sessions to £35 for a private session.

Interactive Lymphatic Drainage via Zoom or Skype

Interactive Self/Couples Relief Techniques via Zoom or Skype

A personalised tutorial on how best to massage and stretch out weary joints and muscles - either for yourself or with a partner.

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