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Cosmetic Acupuncture


Cosmetic acupuncture is a​ highly effective, all-natural, welcome alternative to the mass-market anti-aging procedures available - which can be invasive, toxic and detrimental to skin health after prolonged use.

Using tiny needles - specially designed for cosmetic use - together with Gua Sha, lymphatic drainage, bespoke facial massage techniques and herbally-infused oils created either for toning or anti-inflammatory effects, cosmetic acupuncture instantly works on rejuvenating, plumping, smoothing, toning and invigorating the skin. Frown lines, crows feet, spots, sun-damage, marionette lines, fine lines and wrinkles, can all be directly targeted to an excellent overall result. Treatments build up a beautifully beneficial accumulative effect, leaving the skin more youthful, vibrant and glowing with health..

As well as using the facial needles and techniques, through diagnosis we can also look holistically at any potential imbalances that could be affecting your skin. This means that whilst treating any aesthetic issues, we can also work at a deeper root level to get you glowing from the inside-out. 

Clients report feeling deeply relaxed and de-stressed during the treatment and are then delighted with the amazing results. Others will comment on 'how well you look'... And it's all through totally natural, ancient healing techniques!

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