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Last of the Summer whine..

Well, beings.... What a year 2020 has turned out to be. Undoubtedly the most unexpected of events, seeing us - globally - endure a Summer of Lockdown, laced with anxiety, stress, uncertainty, home-schooling, isolation from friends, co-workers and family, cabin-fever... Suffice to say, it is high time we all re-connected to what is truly valuable in this extraordinary existence. In case anyone were in any doubt, that is: nature, health (mental, physical and spiritual), loving kindness (of friends, family and of random strangers) and unity.... And, boy, did we all miss human touch. Of course, the warm touch of the sunshine helps everything along in leaps and bounds, but as we all coiled, twisted and stagnated upon seats for hours, days and weeks, squinting at screens and furrowing brows, the times hath taken their toll on our bodies as well as our minds and spirits. At the end of July, body therapists were finally allowed back to work and there was certainly a big rush of clients eager to be soothed. Necks and shoulders are always a sore point in this day and age, but Lymphatic Drainage has been one of the main requested treatments, along with Deep Tissue massage. Particularly women can tend to suffer from oedema in the body, which is sometimes an indicator of a weakened spleen and/or kidneys. The lymphatic system is a major part of the immune system and it is undoubtedly beneficial to keep it flowing. Walking, rotating and stretching every day helps - particularly where all our joints are concerned (The shoulders, the neck, the elbows, the hips, ankles, knees and toes (... knees and toes).

I decided to start Facial Lift and Drainage massage lessons online, which have been received incredibly positively. It is an interactive treatment where I guide you through my demonstration of various techniques - not only do you learn the techniques but the visible results are immediate and can last up to a week or more.

As the cooler winds of Autumn come whispering in and the dying leaves begin to rustle accompanying the bustle of school runs and longer nights, business is busy-ness. Life is resuming in this setting of a new reality and the Autumn term has begun. Yesterday saw the first day back to the office and to school, for many. I was back to the student acupuncture clinic with the wonderful Paul Robin and Annie Jenkins, at one of Paul's London bases - The Acupuncture Society - of which he is the Chairman. It was fantastic to see my fellow students, my teachers and to be practicing again. Training in TCM really is like training to be a detective holistic healer. It is fascinating to try to approach each individual with no assumptions, but rather to be open to hearing and observing what that unique person's body is telling you. Using pulse diagnosis, face, eyes and tongue diagnosis, we piece together the various imbalances in a body, according to the Five Elements Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

. Over the past few months, my attentions have been drawn to how important it is to maintain a healthy balance within one's self and to build as robust an immune system as possible. Nutrition, exercise and healing (which can be done in so many different ways), are of course paramount. As is happiness and inner peace. I am no expert in nutrition or in exercise, but I have strived to investigate the mysteries of healing and happiness. I love long walks, primarily because I love nature - trees, birds, dogs, foxes, water, the wind, the sun, the moon, the stars, rolling hills, roaring coastlines, dramatic mountains, even the rain (as long as there's a warm, dry place to get back to) - and there's nothing quite like the invigorating blood and breath pump of a hearty walk - possibly even literally, clearing the cobwebs away. Nature heals. Walking is a winner. What's not to love?

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